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The mission of the Saraswathi Arts & Academy is to educate artists in the broadest sense, both as creative practitioners engaged with a wide range of disciplines in the visual arts and as enlightened citizens of the world who are prepared to question and transform society. The program is structured around an integrated curriculum that fosters connections between disciplines, as well as between traditional and new media. The centre experience affords the opportunity for the development of individual artistic vision in dialogue with collective debates and experiments within an intimate community of artists. The study of history, theory and criticism in the visual arts and general studies in the humanities and social sciences are considered essential in intellectually grounding studio practice. Central to the school’s philosophy is the advancement of the artist’s role in relation to the prevailing forms and institutions of cultural production.


Basic Drawing | Pencil Sketching | Oil Painting | Portraits | Pen Drawing

Thanjavur Painting | Mysore Painting | Madhubhani Painting | Fabric Painting

Acrylic Painting | Title Painting | Sand Painting | Mural Painting

Charcoal Painting | Ceramic Painting | Egyptian Painting | Pot Painting

Clay Modeling | 3D Modeling | Textile Designs | Decoupage


Who we are

At Saraswathi Arts & Academy, We offer an array of options for engaging arts education, from one-on-one lessons to captivating classes and courses. We’ve built our reputation at a steady tempo by placing emphasis on the joys of artistic exploration in a creative and supportive learning environment. Our teachers have the exceptional ability to communicate this passion, the flexibility to adapt to individual learning styles, and the knack for making even the mundane magical.

In addition out arts experiences include early childhood painting classes and handwriting classes for kids. We believe in creating a vibrant arts community and regularly host concerts, art openings and jam sessions. For the creative adventurous we also have a big paiting store stocked with a unique collection of Thanjavur Paintings, Portraits and all other classical styles in paintings. Swing through and play something new.


Our Portfolio

Thanjavur Paintings evoke a sense of class and ageless with their enticing illustrations of puranic scenes. This ancient art form traces its origin to Thanjavur, capital of the ancient chola empire and is popular among contemporary Indian women for showcasing their artistic inclination and tastes. Our Thanjavur paintings are always created by a team of artisans consisting of an experienced embosser, a visage impressionist, 24 karat gold leaf guilder and a master artist who focuses on painting the faces with the correct expressions. Saraswathi Arts & Academy’s Thanjavur paintings gallery features over 76 different puranic depictions of goddess lakshmi, lord Krishna, Bagwan Ganesha, Shiva, Balaji, Veer Hunuman and others. Apart from the regular paintings, we offer two other specalised variants namely Super Embossed Thanjavur Paintings and the Antique Finish Thanjavur Paintings.

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